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To tackle the dirty water problem in China, BOW has independently developed its own  Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology. The microfiltration process uses a supporting structure which gives it a permanent hydrophilicity, high mechanical strength, long life-span and a great deal of  flux. The effluent meets Surface  Water Standard IV qualifications. The technology saves 50% more of the land compared with conventional methods, and it has been one of the main technologies helping to  resolve the dirty water problem in China.

Membrane Properties

Features of MBR To compare with traditional approach

Good quality effluence, steady and safe

MBR produced water has improved wastewater to reclaimed water with a stability quality.

Small footprint

50% less than traditional treatment approach

Small amount of residual sludge

Operation under the circumstances of high or low volumetric loading and old sludge age, which is suitable for nitrification process and part of the denitrification process.

Modulated design, with expandable capacity

Add or reduce modules, easy to expand capacity of existing plant upgrade.

Application areas

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