Modular UPS

To protect servers and data centers from power interruption, use reliable UPS systems.This mitigates risks associated with outages and safeguards critical systems and data. Priority is to maintain business continuity and minimize the impact of power disruptions on operations.

Modular UPS

EA660Scale is CBC’s new generation modularized UPS. An ideal solution for a safe, reliable, stable and green UPS which satisfies any customer’s one-stop demand to a basic power supply solution for their data center with its compatibility with the Scalability modular UPS.
The EA660Scale is CBC’s latest three/three modularized, digitally controlled UPS. It is the realization of the latest electronics and automation control technology, a benchmark in the UPS market. TheEA660Scale brings about a new concept in power supply solution, allowing a breakthrough in the practicability of power usage equipment.
EA660Scale applies a tray type, smart modular design that allows for hot plug/play designs, this allows flexible adjustment of the modules to satisfy power and reliability requirements. Zero-off line maintenance is also realized by its capability to conduct on line maintenance when modules are idle.


Power module rating: 25kVA/25kW

Power system rating: 25~200kVA Per Frame

External redundancy capacity: Parallel up to 4 frames for a total system size of up to 800kVA

Input voltage range: 214~520VAC

Input frequency range: 40~70Hz

Output voltage: 214~520VAC

Topology: Double conversion on-line technology, three-level bridge IGBT PWM control


EA660Scale offers customizable modular solutions that include system racks, UPS, communication, and display modules, power distribution panels, and smart cards for easy plug-and-play installation. The 25kVA UPS modules feature wireless parallel control technology and online maintenance capabilities, and the system allows for easy expansion without costly calibrations. At EA660Scale, we prioritize easy maintenance and long-term reliability.


The EA660Scale has a 7” touchscreen interface that makes it easy for you to monitor energy usage, battery life, outages, and more. The user-friendly navigation and intuitive display provide valuable insights into your system’s performance, making it an essential tool for professionals looking to optimize energy consumption.


EA660Scale offers reliable and efficient solutions for your power usage needs. Our system rack is designed with standard 2m x 19inch model, pre-installed UPS modules, and parallel connecting components for enhanced power safety and machine room reliability. We provide a choice of under or overhead wire systems for easily installed racks with balance adjustment bases and wheels for convenient positioning. Our commitment is to meet our clients’ diverse needs with safe and convenient solutions.


EA660Scale also supports parallel system connection that allows a maximum capacity of up to 800kVA. Parallel system connection uses the same set of batteries, each battery applies a 2V*216-252 section design, allowing flexibility to effectively use an existing battery system and allow for single removal of faulty battery set.



EA660Scale system level of N + X parallel redundancy can greatly improve the reliability of the UPS power supply, the adoption of leading wireless parallel control technology, compared with wired in parallel to reduce the single failure point (steady work also can work normally even if the parallel line fault), and improve the system reliability.


EA660Scale adopts advanced N + X wireless parallel redundancy control technology, and each module are based on a full-fledged UPS, no additional control module to control the parallel system, all parallel functions are performed by UPS module itself, high reliability. According to the strict calculation, if the UPS redundant two modules above, the availability of UPS can reach 99.999% or more. The EA660Scale can handle even the most demanding load on the power supply.


As long as the parallel machine system is redundant (N+X, X>1), even if a UPS module fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the system, so the repair time (MTTR) in this case is zero; If the number of UPS modules with failure is greater than the number of redundant UPS modules, the maintenance time is not more than 5 minutes due to the replacement of UPS module.


The EA660Scale is simply the most efficient UPS in its class, offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Thanks to CBC’s advanced algorithms and energy saving features, EA660Scale achieves up to 99% efficiency. This efficiency is well proven with installations in major data centre hubs in the Asia Pacific region and around the world. Lowest total cost of ownership and maximum availability – taking scalability, resiliency, safety and efficiency to the next level. The most advanced UPS in its power range, the EA660Scale is ideal for small to mid-sized data centres and other mission critical applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and scalability are essential.


ESS mode enables the EA660 efficiency to reach an impressive level of 99% by suspending the power modules when power conditioning is not required. The power is fed through the static bypass switch, and in the event of exceeding pre-set input limits, the UPS is ready to switch to double-conversion mode in under two milliseconds.
In addition to extremely low losses, the ESS mode provides filtering against fast low-energy transients. It is simply the most advanced, most reliable, fastest-reacting energy- saver architecture available.
In addition to saving energy, this technology enhances the reliability of the system by reducing electrical stress in the power electronic components, extending the UPS life time and thus reducing total cost of ownership.


The EA660 still offers the highest double conversion efficiency in the market, reaching above 96%.


The unity power factor maximizes the true available power of the EA660. This means it can deliver up to 20% more real power than other UPSs in its class.
The 200kVA frame can house an internal Maintenance Bypass Switch(MBS) and rectifier input switch. The highly scalable nature of the EA660 means that scaling up in response to increased demand takes minutes rather than hours.
Scaling up can also be achieved without increasing the footprint – saving valuable floor space. The modular design allows for internal redundancy, which eliminates the need for an additional UPS for N+1 configurations.
External redundancy also improves scalability, by paralleling up to 4 frames for a total system size of up

The EA660Scale 25kW UPM
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