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Power Quality Control Solutions


Power Quality Situation

We use high-grade tools to measure your power quality and provide accurate data for optimizing your power system. Achieve energy efficiency and cost reduction by trusting our professional service. Contact us to book an appointment.


Power Quality Report

With an in-depth examination of the measured data, we were able to identify the most suitable approach to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 plant operations while also advancing towards sustainable, environmentally friendly energy sources and reducing carbon footprint.


Power Quality Controls

We offer a power quality control solution to improve your business by addressing poor power quality. Our tailored plans fit your requirements and goals. With our expertise, we can provide effective solutions to enhance your operations and image. Contact us today to learn more.




  • Measurement functionality and data recording capabilities
  • Capture the full picture with a single measurement
  • Capture power anomalies reliably

PQ3100 can measure all parameters at once, including power, harmonics, and anomaly waveforms. The instruments also provide simple setup functionality for automatically configuring recording parameters for popular applications.

Area of


Investigate power supply conditions

Measure voltage fluctuations, equipment capacity, and harmonics before installing new electrical equipment. You can also check whether newly installed equipment is affecting other equipment by repeating those measurements after installation and comparing the results.

Prevent power supply problems

Discover signs of impending problems by repeatedly measuring a component such as an elevator motor on a regular basis. Flexible current sensors make it possible to connect the instrument safely and easily, even in difficult settings involving double wiring, busbars, and crowded distribution boards.

Perform load rejection testing of solar power systems

In load rejection testing, it’s necessary to record transient changes in current and voltage when the system is taken offline. The PQ3100 can record anomalous waveforms for up to 11 seconds (1 second before and 10 after each event). Cursor measurement lets you verify peak values and duration as well.

Power Quality Parameters


Transient voltages

Capture phenomena characterized by precipitous voltage changes and high peak values caused by lightning or circuit breaker or relay contact issues or tripping.

Voltage swells

Capture phenomena characterized by a momentary rise in voltage, for example due to lightning or power line switching.

Voltage dips

Capture phenomena characterized by a short-duration drop in voltage when a large inrush current occurs, for example due to motor startup.


Capture phenomena characterized by a stoppage in the supply of power, for example when lightning interrupts power or when a power supply short- circuit trips a circuit breaker.

Frequency fluctuations

Capture frequency fluctuations caused when generator operation becomes unstable due to an abrupt increase or decrease in load.

Inrush current

Capture phenomena characterized by a large current that flows momentarily when a device starts up upon receiving power, for example electric equipment and motors.


Capture phenomena characterized by distortions in voltage and current waveforms that are caused by semiconductor control devices.

High-order harmonics (Supraharmonics)

Capture phenomena characterized by distortions in voltage and current waveforms caused by noise components from semiconductor control devices such as those used in electronic device power supplies.


Observe voltage and current waveform distortion, voltage dips, and negative-phase-sequence voltage that occur when the loads connected to individual phases in a 3-phase power supply change or when unstable equipment operation increases the load on a specific phase.

Comprehensive Reports

Power Quality

  • Analyze data and generate reports with HIOKI’s PQ ONE power quality analysis software
  • How much Harmonic effects to increase motor and transformer losses
  • How Interharmonic effects to instrumentation and controls

Loading measurement data

Review multiple data sets at a glance

Simple report creation

Quick Report function

Detailed analysis

Display a list of analytical data

PQ ONE main screen

Display a list of detailed information for an individual data set


Power Quality Control

UPS System

Transformerless UPS Transformer based UPS Industrial UPS
High Voltage Industrial UPS

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Relay Type AVR
Servo Type AVR

Active Power Filters

Remove Harmonics to achieve THDi < 3%

Active Static Var Generators

Supply seamless reactive power with high accuracy and speed
Smart Corrective Power balancing for 3 phase system

Smart Capacitors

Intelligent built-in on/off switch.
Zero Crossing, No surge
Over voltage, over temp protection

Harmonic Filters

Shunt Harmonic Filters Active Power Filter
MV ranges are available

Energy Saving

Harmonic effects Motor & Transformer losses Calculation


Design & Engineering
Supply and Installation

Power quality
audit package

On site

Power Quality measuring at site

Report and Analysis(click)

Full comprehensive report and loss calculation


Recommend solutions to improve power quality and efficiency


Offer advance solutions with effective cost

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