Why batteries are important?

UPS is the key component in Process control system to make sure the machines are operating without interruption.
When the electricity cuts off, UPS is the only power supply for all process control system computers

Battery failure will directly lead to UPS powered down, then the production will be effected and cause production losses and machine damage. 

So more and more people put battery monitoring system solution as the top priority.

Battery Application Areas

Say Goodby Traditional maintenance

Periodic maintenance can be effective but it depends on how frequency you do during a year?

Battery voltage inspection
Battery resistance test
Leakage and terminal inspection

Smart 24/7 Battery Monitoring System

Online Monitoring

24/7 on-line monitoring battery voltage, charge and discharge current, impedance and internal temperature, SOC, SOH etc. Accurate data report and real-time alarm, allowing to respond q uickly to potential battery accidents. Reduce cost on human maintenance.

Data Inquiry

Provides historical data storage, data access and data management for large number of batteries and multiple sites project, support to export .CSV format data reports.

Online Balancing

Real-time on-line balancing for battery. The system will analyse the uploaded data and auto-judge. When the battery voltage is unbalancing, system will send command to balance the battery string voltage.


Support to calculate individual battery SOC and battery string SOC. The SOC is mainly calculated based on the characteristic parameters of the battery.

Online Alarm

Customer can set the alarm threshold for different project. When the battery real-time data is abnormal, the system will send out real-time alarm to maintanancethrough SMS or Email. What’’ s more, we also provide mobile APP for customer to better maintain the battery at site.

Breathing LED

With uniqq ue LED breathing light design of the hardware, the system indicates battery health by different color. When the battery is running normal, the LED light will keep on green. When the battery is in abnormal status, the LED light turn to red.

Breathing LED

Data Analysis

Built-in storage function. Automatically store the real-time data of batteries. Helping users to know the battery status and health condition at any time.

Auto-searching S/ N

Support auto-searching for battery sensor’ s ID address. It can read the individual battery address at one time. Customer don’ t need to set one-by-one manually, which helps to save
a lot of time for site engineering and labor costs.

24/7 smart BMS

Battery Monitoring Solution for Different Applications

  • PBAT-Gate for Small-scale Data Center
  • PBMS2000 for Telecom Site
  • PBMS6000Pro for Substation (Ni-Cad/VRLA Battery)
  • PBMS8000 for High Protection (Ni-Cad/VRLA Battery)
  • PBMS9000 for Large-scale Data Center

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