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CBC Membrane
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A type of ultra-low pressure with the molecular cutoff of 100~500 Dalton, and the soluble inorganic salt passes selectively.

Membrane Properties

  • Stable performance
  • Low operational pressure
  • High product water
  • Excellent molecular cutting off 
  • Outstanding contaminant resistance
  • Appropriate rejection
  • High COD removal

DF Membrane Technical Characteristics

Technical comparison between DF and RO in wastewater treatment

No.Index ItemDF membraneRO membrane
    1Operational theorySolubility & diffusion +electric charge + sievingSolubility & diffusion
   2Operational pressureLowHigh
   3Recovery RateHigh, over 90%Low, below 80%
   4Selective rejectionHighLow
   5Organic contaminant removalHighLow
   6Energy consumeLowHigh

:Process comparison between DF and traditional supply water treatment in further wastewater treatment

No Index item DF Membarne RO Membrane
1 Features The fourth generation supply water treatment, edge-cutting, simple and shorter process The third generation supply water treatment, mature and stable, complex, longer process
2 Operational theory Solubility & diffusion +electric charge + sieving (totally physical) Chemical oxidation +biological degradation+adsorption & filtration (physical & biochemical)
3 Effluent safety Safe, water quality secured Safe but with risk
4 Organisms removal High Average high
5 Microbes removal Completely Not completely
6 Heavy metal removal Good Bad
7 Energy consume Higher OK
8 Land taking Small Big

Application areas

  • Reclaimed water further treatment
  • Urban feed water further treatment
  • Household drinking water purification
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