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High Power Rectifiers

CBC High Power Rectifier for Chlor-Alkali application

Thyristor Rectifiers for Chlor-Alkali Electrolyzer

CBC is only Thai company who can design and build High Power Thyristor Rectifiers which have been running well for 20 years. To meet our clients’ special needs, we offer an unrivaled range of products to suit every type of application. CBC’s fully staffed degreed engineering department provides clients with custom units.

Design and Manufacturing

  • Our dc power supply product range encompasses 1000 ADC power supplies up to 30,000 ADC 1000Vdc system.
  • We design and manufacture in the supply of 6, 12, 18 and 24 pulse rectification systems. With agencies becoming more and more stringent on harmonic requirements, CBC can help customers meet these challenges. We can supply transformers up to 50 MVA.
  • Our DC Rectifiers are equipped with world class quality equipment such as mainly ABB Thyristors, Enerpro-inc Trigger Firing boards, DUA liquid cooling plats, LEM DynAmp Current transducers, FLOHE DC High power switches, Siemens PLC system
  • Rectifier Transformer voltage is up to 30kV
  • Cooling system dWFWF, dWFAF
  • Applications are mainly Electrochemical for Electrolyzer to produce Chlorine
  • Design, manufacture and test according to IEC and IEEE standards.

Professional design and assembly

Design & Engineering
WFWF & AFWF Cooling
Walk-in design
Easy access to maintenance
Thyristor clamp
Proper mounting force with DYNEX semiconductor clamps
Side glass
For visual inspection
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Design & Engineering

With extensive expertise in multiple fields, including power electronics, mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, and PLC systems, we offer a comprehensive understanding of a range of high power rectifiers. 

  • Deionized WFWF & AFWF close loop cooling system
  • Walk-in access easy to maintenance
  • Proper mounting force with DYNEX semiconductor clamps
  • Side glass for visual inspection


Thyristor firing boards

FCOG61HV firing board combines the circuitry of the FCOG6100 firing board with high voltage tolerant, high output gate pulse transformers and increased creepage distances. This provides enhanced isolation for AC line voltages to 900 Vac and enhanced gate trigger current for large area devices.

The FCOREM60 is used in applications where the control circuitry and SCRs are separated by long distance (remote operation) and require higher output pulses.  It can also be used with the FCOG6100 or FCOVF6100 to provide high output pulses in order to fire parallel SCRs, or in combination with the FCOG61HV firing board, allowing 4-quadrant operation at mains voltage up to 900 VAC.

Liquid cooling plates

Liquid Cooling Series KS

Thyristors cooling system use custom size of base profiles, sealed with a unique patended technology that can withstand an working pressure up to 200 bar offers an
optimal cooling unit for nearly every resistor size.  At a certain volume custom specific profiles can be initialized.
The volume depends on the size of the profile.

The set clamps use Disc Springs to DIN 2092/2093 to apply the clamping force over a wide temperature range. The clamps also incorporate pressure indicators to make installation simple. Isolation is provided by a high quality moulded insulator and PTFE sleeving.

Liquid Cooling Series VBA

Manufactured by Vacuum Brazing Technology

๏  Optimum design of the cooling path based on the layout of the semiconductors

๏  Lowest possible thermal resistances

๏  Leak free, high strength and high mechanical load

carrying capacity with burst pressures up to 1150 psi

๏  No structural changes in the material

๏  Clean parts without residual flux

๏  High reliability, durability and life cycle

๏  Low distortion due to uniform heating and cooling

during brazing

Heat Pipe System

Polarizer rectifiers use heat pipe systemThe high heat flux density generated by the semiconductors is absorbed by the heat spreader block and then, furthermore by the heatpipes. Then the Heatpipes transmit the heat isothermally to the fins.

Dynex Thyristor mounting clamps

CBC Rectifiers use Dynex semiconductor clamps which provide a range of standard clamps designed to accommodate press pack semiconductors with tie rod centres from 75mm to 210mm and clamping force from 5kN to 138kN.

The set clamps use Disc Springs to DIN 2092/2093 to apply the clamping force over a wide temperature range. The clamps also incorporate pressure indicators to make installation simple. Isolation is provided by a high quality moulded insulator and PTFE sleeving.

Completed Package design solutions

Improve Your Power Quality and Protect Your Equipment with Our Custom Harmonic Filter Solutions

Do you have high-power rectifiers in your electrical system that cause disruptive harmonic currents? We can help!

Our team of experts specializes in designing custom harmonic filters that effectively reduce or eliminate these harmful currents, ensuring the smooth operation of your electrical system.

Here’s how we can benefit you:

  • Reduced harmonic distortion: Our custom filters target and significantly minimize harmonic currents, improving your power quality and system stability.
  • Protected equipment: Harmonic currents can damage sensitive equipment. Our filters safeguard your valuable assets, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Customized solutions: We understand that every system is unique. We’ll design a filter tailored to your specific needs and rectifier setup.
  • Expertise you can trust: Our team has extensive experience in harmonic mitigation, ensuring you receive the most effective and reliable solution.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Custom polarizer rectifier designs: If you require custom polarizer rectifiers, we can create them to meet your exact specifications.
  • Comprehensive support: We’ll guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to filter installation and maintenance.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and learn how our custom harmonic filter solutions can optimize your power system’s performance and protect your equipment.

This revised version avoids technical jargon and focuses on the benefits your expertise offers to the customer. It also highlights your ability to provide custom solutions and additional services, making it more persuasive and informative.

Harmonic Filters and Power Factor compensation

Harmonic Filters can be designed to limit total current distortion according to IEEE 519 requirement.
Inclusive Power factor compensation and Harmonic analysis

Custom design:

  • Air core reactor for outdoor solution
  • Iron-core reactor for metal enclosure solution
  • 11kV-24kV system

Polarizer Rectifiers

A Polarizer rectifier is used to keep polars of electrolyzer during main rectifier shutdown. Due to the DSA Electrode is a titanium substance coated with TiO2 + RuO2 mixture. RuO2 coating will be decreased during shutdowns by the reverse current arising. The Polarizer rectifier will keep forward current during the main rectifier shutdown. RuO2 content must be >25 mol%. The lower RuO2 content the lower conductivity of Anode the result high electrical losses.

Custom design:

  • 6P/12P Thyristor rectifiers
  • Power range: 30-120A
  • DC voltage: 0-1000Vdc
  • Optional: PLC control/RS485 communication
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