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Active Power Quality Filters

Active Harmonics Filters(APF), Load balancing(SPC) and Reactive compensation on LV networks

The cost of poor power quality

Power quality affects the smooth functioning of a business. Issues like disturbances or harmonic pollution cause downtime, equipment malfunction, and damage which impact the financial bottom line. Prioritize power quality to ensure uninterrupted business functioning.

Poor power quality sources:

There are three significant sources of power power quality caused by variety of loads in customer installations:

  • Harmonic solution due to non-linear loads
  • Loads imbalance resulting in voltage imbalance and phase to neutral voltage
  • Poor power factor due to lagging and leading currents

Poor power quality costs money due to:

  • Frequency failures of equipment, nuisance tripping, etc.
  • Reduce lifetime of equipment
  • Production loss due to unschedule downtime
  • Reduced safety levels of installations
  • Increased carbon footprint
  • Non-compliance with utility regulations
In addition, there are costs incurred due to extra kWh losses in typical network components such as transformers, cables and motors. These losses cascaded back to the utility power plants result in increased CO2 emissions. The emissions can be significant or marginal depending on the process and the fuel type from which the electrical power is generated.


The CBC Active Power Quality Filters (PQF) is a modular system that can be easily connected in parallel with up to 12 modules. It delivers a maximum power of 1800kVAR or 2400A, making it an efficient and dependable solution for different applications. Enhance your facility’s power quality, save energy costs and extend the lifespan of your equipment by choosing CBC Active PQF, which offers exceptional performance and a feature-rich design. Trust CBC Active PQF for superior power quality and efficiency.

PQ monitoring

When a module is placed in a cabinet, an external touch screen can be installed on the front door panel of the cabinet body to facilitate setting and viewing parameters. The external touch screen can be divided into 7 inches large screen. You can learn more about the operation of the 7-inch screen.

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